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Using a word processor app on Iphone 6 and Orbit reader 20 Braille display

Hi to everyone,
I am new to this forum so sorry if this has been discussed before.
I am a fairly new IPhone user and due to the fact that I have limited manual dexterity I use an Orbit reader to control my I phone.
Now, I want to make myself a diary of what I am doing and where as I struggle to use Seri and the calendar app with my braille display, so I would like a word processor of some sort, that would allow me to save the document in Drop box and edit it on the iPhone add events ETC.
Equally, I would like to be able to view it on my windows PC with JFW ideally I want the document to sink between PC and phone.
However, I have searched high and low on here and cannot find any word processing apps that work with Braille and that would do the job.
I have just managed to create a pages document and save it as a MS word doc but I can’t open it in drop box using pages app (I gather MS word app isn’t great with Braille)
Finally how do you insert heading levels into a pages doc using a braille display?
Many thanks to all in advance
Kind regards


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