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iTunes on various platforms after Catalina

I keep my iTunes library on a NAS. While I access it from my Mac (currently running MacOS v10.14.5), my wife accesses it from a Windows 7 system using iTunes for Windows.

My concern is that if I upgrade my Mac to v10.15 Catalina and access the iTunes library, the library format will be modified such that it will be unavailable to my wife until she upgrades to a newer version of iTunes for Windows, or whatever replaces iTunes for Windows.

My second concern is that Windows 7 is going away and consequently Apple might discontinue support for iTunes on Windows 7. If so, my wife would never have a way to access the upgraded iTunes library after I move to Catalina.

My third concern: We are, of course, looking at getting rid of Windows 7. Rather than move to Windows 10, we’re looking at Linux instead. I understand iTunes can run on Linux using WINE. Question 1, is this accessible using the Orca screen reader on Linux? Question 2: Assuming there is a new iTunes for Windows that’s compatible with a Catalina iTunes library, how well does it run on WINE?

Thanks for any help. Please include specific version numbers.


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