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Apple watch and wifi specifications: Not trying to start a heated debate, but…

OK, I’m very willing to stand corrected here, but seeing that Apple Accessibility even told me the same thing, hmm. Makes me wonder.

In my home, we have a 3100 square foot house. For this reason, our wifi setup is a bit interesting.

We have a main router which has been given to us by our local provider. It is a dule band, meaning it supports 2 different wifi network SSID’s. One for the 2.XGHZ band, and another for the 5GHZ. Both are WPA security.

Then, we also have another second Ruckus router which is being used with Ruckus access points as boosters both up and downstairs, which is WPA, but only has one band for 5GHZ. So, we connect the Ruckus access points in the ceilings to the router given by our ISP. Basically, then, we connect our devices like iPhones, iPads, macs, Apple TV’s, etc to the Ruckus wifi network.

Issue is, Apple is telling me that the reason my Apple watch isn’t connecting correctly is because it only supports 2GHZ networks, not 5GHZ. So this means, I have to downgrade my wifi network setup just to satisfy their legacy hardware. They tell me the only way my watch will work on wifi is if I mirror it to my iPhone with my iPhone on the 2G band network. I get this is a series 3 watch, not series 4, but come on! That’s not that old. Is this really true? Is this why my watch won’t sync up no matter what I try? And believe you me… I’m an extremely advanced Apple user pretty much of the whole lineup of products. Not to be egotystical, but, I do know my stuff. Nope. Resetting the watch doesn’t help. Even at my old place where I used to live, it was the same darn thing. Unless I was on a 2G network, forget it. Oh sure, I could use it on cellular service all the doo da day, but I don’t get very good coverage here, unless I use wifi calling, etc. So, how does this get fixed?


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