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a small help needed

hi everyone
I got my new IOS device 2 months ago. I wanted to ask the following.
in android, when I use to receive any new email, the notification sound used to play. but since I got my Iphone 6s, it’s not happening. i’ve configured my gmail account in IOS mail app. my IPhone is configured to IOS 12.3.1. it used to happen in Instagram as well but when I re-installed it, it resolved itself own its own.
in other words, my emails come when I open my mail app and not as and when the sender sends it. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. is it a bug or is it some setting problem?
also, does anyone know how can we delete a message in instagram direct messages with voiceover?
I’m posting to this site first time. so please do inform me if I’ve posted it in a wrong forum.
I hope I’ll get help.


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