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latest version of seeing AI crashing

I first wanted to start by saying I use to love this app, when it came out in it’s early development the app was good, no other barcode scanner could detect and have the great camera detection that this app had and I have also heard the same from others. This app has sadly gone downhill really quick. I don’t know what happened but every update has gotten buggier and buggier. This latest update released a few days ago is about useless. It is acting like a beta, crashing, and then when I use the barcode scanner it will tell me “sorry something went wrong, try again later.” It is very sluggish and I am very disappointed of what this app has become because it was once truly the best OCR app out there in my oppinion. Anyone else having these frustrations with this app? I guess at this point all I can say is R.I.P seeing AI.


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