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Strange iPad and messaging issue

I have an iPad that I had to reset a few days ago. I had to set it up as new but used the same apple id. No computer envolved. Earlier, I would recieve texts and send them just fine, but however now I just get send failure messages even if I know it has been sent and I don’t recive any messages at all.
I have set message forwarding on but it says both Sabrina’s iPad and one just called iPad and both are on and I think I have messed up something.
I was forced to reset the whole iPad and now I cannot get this to work.
The messages I send are recieved, yes.
The messages I get are NOT forwarded to my iPad. nly on my phone.
I don’t have two iPads, just one and this is the only one I had and I am not sure what I could have done to make it appear like two iPads.
I had to do the same reset on my friend Anastasia’s iPad after her sister Hazel had changed it to arabic and I don’t think she has that problem. It is very confusing; I don’t even know wich iPad I should have on because one says Sabrina’s iPad and the other one just iPad.


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