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How to use make hard-to-read email legible

My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, and a recent visit to the optometrist revealed I needed a slightly different prescription for reading on a computer screen. (What a relief!) But like a couple billion people in the world, it’s harder for me to read small text and lightly tinted text. That’s the complaint of Macworld reader Margaret, who asks:

How do I change the blue font found in many emails (especially Macworld articles) to another color? I have difficulty seeing the blue font. I don’t want to switch back to a PC, but I am visually impaired and Windows 10 seems to have more accessibility features.

Messages with rich text, which allows setting text color and other formatting, relies on HTML and can’t be overridden directly in the Mail app. The Mail app uses the same rendering engine as Safari, but it lacks a feature to simplify text for reading—the Reader View.

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